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SEPTEMBER 13 – 15, 2016

Thank you for visiting our Sweet Monday website! We are so excited about the sweet Amazing Praise annual fundraiser. As many of you know, the Amazing Raise was our annual fundraiser and we counted on donations from sweet women and men around the globe. Now that the Amazing Raise has ceased, we are collaborating with other organizations focused on sharing God’s Word!

The Amazing Praise is a collaborative, online giving celebration of God and the transformative work being done in Jesus’ name across RVA. With the support of donors like you, the inaugural Amazing Praise fundraising goal is $100,000, benefiting the four participating nonprofits:

  • Boaz & Ruth
  • Richmond Christian Leadership Initiative (RCLI)
  • Sweet Monday
  • Youth Life Foundation of Richmond (YLFR)

The Sweet Monday goal is to raise $12,500 and we know that God’s people are generous! Your generosity can help us reach women all around the world as we share God’s Word. And if you are unable to donate money, please pray for our outreach efforts as we continue spreading the gospel.

Please join us on September 13, 2016 at 12:00PM ET through September 15, 2016 12:00PM ET to donate to your favorite participating nonprofit.  We hope that you will choose to share your generous donations with Sweet Monday, enabling us to continue our mission of reaching women one sweet invitation at a time. But no matter where you choose to donate, you will be blessed for your sweet generosity and helping to sow sweet words of encouragement for others!


To donate to Sweet Monday, please click below

(donations are via paypal and accept credit cards and debit):

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Thank you for your sweet support of Sweet Monday – financial donations, prayers, and words of encouragement are all welcome and appreciated!


More about The Amazing Praise:

  • Praise-focused – intentionally and unashamedly celebrating God and the transformative work being done in Jesus’ name across RVA.

  • Collaborative – non-competitive partnership designed to draw attention, funds, people, and urgency to the causes of the participating, nonprofits committed to carrying-out their work based upon Christian motivation and practice.

  • Growth-oriented – designed to eventually expand the number of participating nonprofits and to enable the community’s broader embrace of and financial support for this work.